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Artist Angel Lowden. 



Phone: 386-295-4734

Custom created art work made for your home or Business by Artist Angel Lowden
Professional info

With a career in arts that started by chance in Daytona Beach Florida. The year was 1992. While living in a hotel above the hottest night club of the time, the management took notice of her art and it wasn't long before she was asked to freely create murals on all of the walls, and furniture of then famous 701 South nigh club. This opprotunitty lead to painting murals for several night clubs, surf shops, restaurants, salons, and more homes than can counted. 

Still to this day Angel is regularly commissioned to painting murals localy and all over the country from east to west coast and all in-between. Remaining active locally and creating wonderful visuals on everything from paper to canvas, walls and ceilings, furniture and floors, inside and outside, windows and doors, clothes and people, the list goes on and on.


Being an artist is not what I do. An artist is who I am.  

Angel Lowden

  • Art  & Design 

  • Color consultations

  • Imaginative concept drawings and renderings

  • Murals

  • Large scale paintings

  • Custom art 

  • Private and group lessons

  • Live art event planning

  • Community engagement in the arts thruough studio tours and competitive events

Work experience

Professional Artist

Self Taught

​1992 - present

Commissioned to create custom art, murals and finishes for homes and businesses thru out my home state of Florida and as far west as Oregon.  .


Commissioned at the age of 22.

  The walls and furniture of a popular night club was my first commercial mural commission. Was given freedom to be creative within a tribal theme.

The Texan Hotel of Daytona Beach Florida located at 701South Daytona Beach FL.


Commissioned to paint the walls, columns and create window panels for

  Maui Nix Surf Shop of Daytona Beach Fl.

Was given the freedom to be creative with in my own style in a surf and tropical theme and collaborated with local artists on additional murals and art added onto the walls through out the two story surf shop.


  Point Break was a beach front night club located at the

Plaza Resort and Spa of Daytona Beach FL and I was tasked with creating the theme and murals and 3D elements of what would be a popular music venue and surfer themed hot spot for tourist and locals.

  600 North Night club located at 600 N A1A Daytona Beach FL. Now known as the Plaza Resort and Spa. was commissioned to create murals through out the club done with a tattoo and rock and roll theme.


  During this time period I gave birth to 2 amazing sons and maintained a career as an artist and would bartend to offset slow times between art commissions.

Bartending continued to be a crutch to help maintain finances until I could manage being a full time artist.

Thru out a 30 year career there have been many times that my art career would bounce back and forth from part time and full time. One thing that I can say is, when I would find my self leaning on bartending I felt as if I where cheating myself out of who I am and what I am supposed to be doing.


Commissions for residential and commercial locations thru out Central Florida have kept me busy for the past 32 years. Some of my most recent works of art can be seen on the walls of several locations thru out my home town in Ormond Beach FL and all over the United States.


Murlist for Laser Tag Arenas By ARC Studios 1(239)354-7779

Painting Murals for Laser Tag Arenas specializing in Ultra Violet Murals.and Art.


The Studio By Artist Angel Lowden LLC

An Art Studio, Gallery and Boutique. Locatated in the Historic Main Street Art District. The Studio is where you can commission, or purchase original pieces of art, shop for unique items and book private and group art sessions.


Regional producer for A live painting competition held thru out the world.


Acting board member on the Ormond Beach Main Street Arts District.

As of right now I am still building this website and new info will come quickly while I am in the process of editing my site. 

Please stay tuned for more details and watch this website grow.

 Busy being a professional Artist for now.

Best Wishes and Health,

Artist Angel Lowden


  • Knowledgable of a veriety of products and surface preparation.

  • Concept and rendering sketching with pen and inks, graphite and colored pencil, etc. Used for city approval or client vision boards.

  • Acrylic, and mixed media paintings by commission.

  • Experimentalist.

  • Interior/exterior murals.

  • UltraViolet paint expert and laser tag muralist.

  • Venetian plaster and all- purpose joint compound art.

  • Texture and faux finishes.

  • Furniture redo and wood graining. 

  • Digital and projected art.

  • Body painting and costume makeup art.

2010 - present
2010 - present
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