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Gallery Artists

The Studio is a great space for artists. The following are artists that have their art on display at The Studio for sale.

Get to know the artists currently at The Studio


Artist & Owner

Angel Lowden

  • Knowledgable of a veriety of products and surface preparation.

  • Concept and rendering sketching with pen and inks, graphite and colored pencil, etc. Used for city approval or client vision boards.

  • Acrylic, and mixed media paintings by commission.

  • Experimentalist.

  • Interior/exterior murals.

  • UltraViolet paint expert and laser tag muralist.

  • Venetian plaster and all- purpose joint compound art.

  • Texture and faux finishes.

  • Furniture redo and wood graining. 

  • Digital and projected art.

  • Body painting and costume makeup art.


Marketing and Craft Artist

Theresa Lieberman

Rachel Caldwell is a contemporary artist specializing in acrylic painting. Born in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania she has spent most of her life in Daytona Beach. Her work is inspired by how she feels about her life, dreams, and the people she loves most. You may have seen her work in individual and group exhibits in galleries in Florida, Maryland, and Virginia. She has also participated in live paint competitions, Art Battle in Daytona Beach and Ormond Beach.


Woodburner Artist

Morgan McDermott

Morgan McDermott is an artist who creates wood art at The Studio in Ormond Beach. Morgan has always had a love for the arts as well as a love for animals. By combining these interests she has discovered a wonderful medium through wood. Morgan takes one’s favorite photo of their animal friend and replicates that image by burning it by hand onto wood. In doing so, she takes that perfect moment captured on paper and transforms it into a beautiful work of art that can be displayed as decor. 


Collage Artist

Kent Bates

Kent works with multiple mediums to create fun works of art. He has multiple resin on wood pieces as well as record cover artwork. He plays with art, photos, and layering to create a fun 3D effect.

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